Using Task Lists

About Tasks (Back to Top)

The mail Tasks feature lets you create to-do lists and manage tasks through to completion. You can add tasks to the mail default Tasks list, and you can create other task lists to organize your to-do lists by more specific activities, such as by work or personal projects.

For simple task all you may need to do is create a task from the Content pane. If a task needs to be managed, you can add more details, define a start and due date, set the priority to the task - high, normal, or low, and keep track of the progress and percentage complete.

In the screen shot that follows, three task lists have been created. The tasks listed in the Content pane show the status, percentage of the work completed, and the date the task should be finished.

Share Task Lists

You can share your task lists with external guests and with the public. External guests and the public have read-only access.

Create tasks lists (Back to Top)

To create a task list

  1. To open tasks, select the Tasks tab
  2. Right-click on the Tasks heading and select New Task List.
  3. In the Create New Task List dialog, type the task list name and select the color to display the task.
  4. Click OK. The list is added to Tasks in the Overview pane.

Add a task (Back to Top)

Create a new task by simply typing the task name in your tasks list or you can open the task page and add detailed information about the task, including notes and attachments.

To quickly add a task
  1. Select the task list from the Overview pane
  2. In the Content pane, click on the top line that reads Click here to add a new Task.
  3. A text field displays. Type the name of the task.
  4. Press Enter. The task is added to your task list.
  5. If you created a task in the wrong list open the task and select the correct list from the Task Lists drop-down or you can drag and drop the task on the Content pane to the correct list.

To add a task with details

You can use your task lists to create and track the progress of a task. In addition, you can write notes within your task and attach files for easy access from within the task. Having all the relevant information with your task is useful when you share your task list with others.

You can estimate the length of the project by entering the start date and the due date and set the priority. When you start the task you can select the status such as Not Started or In Progress.

  1. Select the task list from the Navigation pane.
  2. In the Tasks toolbar, click New. An untitled task page opens.
  3. In the Subject field, type the task name.
  4. (Optional) In the Date section, select the Priority, Start Date, Due Date, and status.
  5. If you clicked New before you opened the task list you wanted, you can select the correct task list from the Task List drop-down list.

  6. Add any notes in the text field and to add attachments, click Add Attachments on the tool bar.
  7. Click Save to save the task. The new task is added to your task list.

Change a task (Back to Top)

To update your task
  1. Open the Tasks list that has your task
  2. In the Content pane, click on the task that you want to change or select the task and click Edit on the toolbar. The task page opens.
  3. Make the changes to the task information.
  4. Click Save, when your changes are complete.
To mark a task complete

When you finish a task, on the content pane, check the box next to the task to quickly mark it as completed. The % Complete is changed to 100%.

Moving tasks (Back to Top)

You can move a task to another list in one of the following ways:

  • Right-click the task and in the Move Task dialog, select the task list to move to or create a new list. Click OK.
  • Select the task to move, hold down the left mouse button and drag the task to the lists in the Overview pane.
  • Open the task page and in the Task Lists field, select the task list.

Delete a task (Back to Top)

You can delete a task from a task list in the following ways. Click the task list to see the tasks in the Content pane

  • Select the task to delete and click the trash icon on the toolbar.
  • Right-click on the task and select Delete. Click Yes.

The task is removed from the list.

Share your Task list (Back to Top)

You can share your task lists with others and you can define the permissions for the shared list as follows:

  • External guests. You create a password to access the shared task list. Guests must enter this password to view the task list. They cannot make changes to any of the tasks.
  • Public. Anyone that knows the URL to the shared task list can view it. They cannot make any changes.
To share your Task list

Right-click on the task list to share and select Share Task List.

On the Shared Properties dialog, enter the select whom to share with and configure the appropriate information.

Sharing with external guests

1. In the Share with section, select External Guests. When you select this a Password field displays.

2. Enter the email addresses for the guests.

3. Enter the password the guests should use to access this task list.

4. Select what type of notification message to send them. This message gives them the information they need to access the list.

5. Click OK.

Sharing with the public

1. In the Share with section, select Public. When you select, the share properties dialog displays the URL for your task list.

2. Note this URL and notify the "public" users of this email address. When they click the URL, they can read the task list content but cannot change anything.

When you choose Public, anyone who has the URL can view your calendar. No password is required.

Editing or revoking permission

You can revoke permissions at any time.

  1. Right-click a shared task list.
  2. Click Edit Properties. Users sharing the folder are listed.
  3. Click Edit to change permissions, or
    Click Revoke to remove permissions.
  4. Select whether a message describing the change should be sent.
  5. Click OK.

Sorting tasks (Back to Top)

You can sort tasks in a task list by subject, status, percentage complete and due date.

In Task view, select a task list and in the Content pane toolbar, click the heading to sort by.